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Friday, December 05, 2008

So yeah..umm..

It's been pointed out to me that I need to update. So here's the quick and dirty update....
No Christmas parade this year, totally bummed me out, but I understand. It's loads of work and we didn't have the time to get it all done in time. I've been working alot of of later nights lately and haven't had much time to even wash the car, much less make decorations for it.
I'm actually contemplating getting different graphics on the windows next spring, not sure what I would get though.
Speaking of Christmas, David told me the other day that Way had something he thought I would like for Christmas, so I am hoping that DC will be getting something new for the holidays!
Mods since last tires, got the General Exclaim UHP. Apparently UHP stands for Ultra High Performance. Clever name, huh? Also got the wheels powder coated black. Only, the centers though, the lip is still brushed aluminum. They look sooooo cool. Hopefully I will get some pics posted this weekend.
I guess that is it for mods. I still want to do something with the stereo system. Area 41 has some cool stuff designed for me, it's just a matter of money now.
So there you go..and update! go me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

DragonCon 2008!

Yes boys and girls, it is once again time for Dragon*Con! I will be driving the car Saturday in the parade, so come by and check it out. Monday morning after a dragging myself out of bed and guzzling some coffee, I will post another update.

Monday, April 28, 2008

2 days til the Dragon!

Leaving for the Dragon on Wednesday and there is still so much to do! I still have to finalize the playlist for the CDs and burn them. Went to the store yesterday and got some water, cheese and crackers and oh, how exciting...vanilla mint mouthwash!
Got the pool cue ready to go and my sheep shoes too.
Now to wash and wax the car, get the new license plate put on and pack everything Wednesday morning. Whew! Too much left to do...

Monday, April 21, 2008

DC gets smoked

Saturday DC got smoked headlights, tailights and wheel arch reflectors. Here are a couple of pics with the before and after.
This is what he looked like stock, applying the first of the mods..the Darth Vader helmet sticker on the windscreen.

And this is what he looks like with the new smoked headlights, turn signals, fog lights and driving lights. Also the grill is different than the first picture. Notice my mising Euro plate? :(

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad and badder ;-)

Sooo..I foolishly took the car to the carwash today during my lunch break. I normally don't do this since I am a good MINI owner. Anyway, took the car in so it would be clean for when Eric puts some new mods on the car tomorrow morning. I get back to work and do a walk-around, get to the front of the car and what do I see...or should I say what do I *not* see? My Euro plate. Grr. I am such an idiot. I walked up and down in front of work and couldn't find it.

So onto the "badder" news...the Dragon is on fire.

Photos from my friend Daryl. Visit his website for more.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Will the real Darth Cooper please stand up

So in doing a little google search of the car I ran across a few postings that are linked to Darth Cooper. Just for clarification let me say the following:

I am not from Belgium.
Although I am member of Motoring Underground, my car is *not* the Darth Cooper listed on there.
I do not have videos of my car in YouTube.
I do not write fanfiction.
I am a member of MINI2, I am not from nor have I ever been to Australia.
I have lived in Texas, but not in Austin.
I suxor at hacking.
Not a big fan of Alice Cooper and my name isn't Wanda.
I don't know Visual Basic.

My webpage is the first one that comes up on a google search and if you have made it to this webpage, chances are you know me or at least know my car.

All that being said...I am the Darth Cooper that appears in the CHOA Christmas Parade and annual Dragon*Con Parade and have been shown in MC2 Magazine and an Italian MINI Owners website.
Sooo, the bottom line is that there are imposters out there. ;-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello again

Hi guys-yes, I know..terrible at updating and all that. Anyway, the latest on the project is to get DC ready for MoTD 2008. I am no longer a member of AtlantaMINIs, but will be there to represent ATL!

I have mostly aesthetic mods planned as most of the performance mods are done at this time. Not going to share too much at this time since I want to surprise everyone at the Dragon.

Just recently had to get new bolts and seal installed on the cat-back as it was about to fall off!

DC had his first real winter drive this weekend when we got a whopping 3 inches of snow here.
It may not seem like alot, but to people in the south, it is.
I won't make any promises of photos, but I will *try* to get some posted. Until next time...
happy motoring!