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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello again

Hi guys-yes, I know..terrible at updating and all that. Anyway, the latest on the project is to get DC ready for MoTD 2008. I am no longer a member of AtlantaMINIs, but will be there to represent ATL!

I have mostly aesthetic mods planned as most of the performance mods are done at this time. Not going to share too much at this time since I want to surprise everyone at the Dragon.

Just recently had to get new bolts and seal installed on the cat-back as it was about to fall off!

DC had his first real winter drive this weekend when we got a whopping 3 inches of snow here.
It may not seem like alot, but to people in the south, it is.
I won't make any promises of photos, but I will *try* to get some posted. Until next time...
happy motoring!