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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Will the real Darth Cooper please stand up

So in doing a little google search of the car I ran across a few postings that are linked to Darth Cooper. Just for clarification let me say the following:

I am not from Belgium.
Although I am member of Motoring Underground, my car is *not* the Darth Cooper listed on there.
I do not have videos of my car in YouTube.
I do not write fanfiction.
I am a member of MINI2, I am not from nor have I ever been to Australia.
I have lived in Texas, but not in Austin.
I suxor at hacking.
Not a big fan of Alice Cooper and my name isn't Wanda.
I don't know Visual Basic.

My webpage is the first one that comes up on a google search and if you have made it to this webpage, chances are you know me or at least know my car.

All that being said...I am the Darth Cooper that appears in the CHOA Christmas Parade and annual Dragon*Con Parade and have been shown in MC2 Magazine and an Italian MINI Owners website.
Sooo, the bottom line is that there are imposters out there. ;-)