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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wash me please!

My car is filthy...but only the back of it. The "boot" as it is called in MINI circles. Or overseas. Ask any other MINI/Mini owner and they will tell you the same. The part of the car that gets dirty the fastest is the boot. My problem is compounded by the fact that I did the rear wiper mod. Meaning I have removed the rear wiper of the car and plugged the hole with an black annodized metal plug. While this looks really cool, after a couple of weeks of rain and my 60 mile round-trip commute into downtown it starts to take a toll on rear window visibility. I really want to wash the car this weekend, but it is supposed to only be in the 50's. I could bundle up and trudge out in the cold to wash the car...or I could leave it dirty until it gets warmer.
Am I the only one who is embarassed by a filthy boot?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad blogger..bad bad blogger

I have been berated by a friend...he says that I need to update my blog.  So, I will endeavour to update this blog more often.  Keep in mind, boys and girls that these updates may be something so trivial as to what sort of soup I had that day, but I will try to update.
Okay, here we go...
Tonight I watched an episode of Top Gear where it was the Germans vs. the Britons.  Much to my delight, they featured a race between two R56 MINIs.  One of them looking suspiciously like the JCW version of the R56, which sports 208HP and a top speed of 147 mph.  This compared to the standard MINI Cooper S, which has 172HP and a top speed of 139 mph, it hardly seemed like a fair race.  That coupled with the fact that person driving the JCW is an instructor at Nürburgring or "The Ring", made it more interesting.  It was a good race and both MINIs performed quite well, but sadly Jeremy Clarkson lost the race.  It was pretty entertaining to see them doing an obstacle course which consisted of pillars with vases atop them and someone shooting at them with a paint gun.  I did cringe a little when I saw the JCW get a big dent in the rear quarter panel.  I'm sure that both MINIs were well cared for afterwards and it did make me smile to see my favourite car featured on one of my favourite car shows.  

P.S.  This one's for you md!