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Saturday, April 25, 2009

MoTD - Less than a week away!

Vacation officially starts at the end of the day, but there is a catch. I have to do a shift trade Monday. But once 6pm hits, woo-hoo! Still a lot to do yet. I took the car to Global and got the airbag issue taken care of. Turns out the passenger sensor went bad, yet again. I blame D for this. :-)
Talked to Way earlier and I am going to get the ECU flash done either tomorrow or at the Dragon. It's supposed to help the car run better and improve the gas mileage too.
So on the list of things to do still...wash/Zaino the car, install the custom plaque for the engine bay, repaint calipers and clean the inside. And oh yeah, get myself ready too, but mainly the car. :-)
Agenda for MoTD? Drive, eat, sleep, repeat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MoTD 2009 - 2 weeks away!

It's getting close to MoTD 2009. This year will be a lot different than year's past. Tapoco is closed for the season (and up for sale!) and it looks like most of BSM will be heading up on Saturday and not Thursday as we had in the past. I'm just glad to be getting out of town for a bit. It's been months since I've done any really fun driving, unless you count speeding on 75.
Nothing new going on with the car to speak of. It's been a slow year for me as far as modding. I do need to get some new graphics made for the side windows as the ones that are on there are getting pretty faded. Thinking I will probably keep the same design, just get cleaner copies made and applied.
With it only being a couple of weeks away, I've still got a lot of little things to do before the trip, repaint the calipers, detail the inside of the car, buy beer (dry county) and dramamine, you know..the usual.
We're staying at Blue Waters this year. Great place, very nice, but a little further from the Dragon than we'd like. Like I said, just glad to be getting away for a bit. No phone, no TV, no internet. Ahhh.
Hope to post again before we leave. If not...well, sorry?

I'll try to update