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Saturday, February 11, 2012

MotD Prep begins!

It's that time of year again...where I start getting ready for MotD in Deal's Gap, North Carolina.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of MINIs on the Dragon. I've been fortunate enough to attend the last 6 years and for me the draw has changed over time.  The first year I wanted to do everything and drive the road as much as I could.  The next year it stayed the same, but that year I was involved with the Atlanta MINI owner's club.  As time went on and I stepped down from my position at Atlanta MINIs the event has become more about spending time with friends and relaxing and not as much about driving the road, showing off my car and spending money.  Last year I took Toaster and had to leave Darth Cooper at home. That brings me to another point.  Darth Cooper still isn't fully fixed (automatic transmission issues) and so in February in 2011 I bought another MINI.
Toaster (a nod to Battlestar Galactica) is a 2005 MC PS/BLK, chrome-line interior and exterior with very little engine modding (so far) and is my daily driver. The exception being when I broke my foot last fall and had to wear a walking cast boot thing for 8 weeks.  Toaster has already had some issues and spent Christmas in the shop. I bought the car at CarMax and that was probably part of the problem. Someone who sells their MINI to a dealership like CarMax might not take the most care of their car and most likely are not invested in the car the way I am. The clutch was worn out from day of our ownership of the car and finally experienced catastrophic failure 3 days before Christmas when I ended up having to push the car off the road and wait for 2 hours for a tow truck.
I don't want to bash CarMax as they are fine for buying your average commuter car but their service department leaves something to be desired. We're probably going to take Toaster to Way before the Dragon to see if he can do something about the engagement point of the clutch and find out what the odd "shuddering" is all about when taking off at low speeds.
Back to my point; MotD.  I'll once again be staying at the amazing Blue Waters Mountain Lodge where we are spoiled and treated like family (only better, haha!) by the owners Mike and Maury. We'll be there Friday through Sunday and as of right now have no plans on attending any of the "sanctioned" events.  I will be purchasing my grill badge and MotD patch but that's about it so far.
I hope to see some of my friends there.  If I don't already know you and you're reading this blog, please stop by and say hello!